Jeff  starting his Guiding career in 1989 at age 18 and received his Registered Guide License at age 21.   Jeff is now Alaska Master Guide #162, a Certified Aircraft Mechanic, 100 ton Master Marine Officer, Commercial Pilot and a Commercial Fishermen.  Jeff lives with his Wife, of 24 years, Carol and their two young boys age 10 and 14.  He has outfitted over 500 clients in his 24 year career and still personally guides as many clients as possible.  Jeff stays very active in outdoor adventures like Skiing, Snowmobiling, and hunting with his boys when not guiding.  Jeff has the kind of well rounded experience in the mountains and oceans, using horses, aircraft, boats, atv's, Etc. that makes a difference.  When Alaska throws its challenges your way Jeff is prepared and knows how to deal with it!!