More than Just Taking Legal Game


Exclusive Areas/ Quality Game

When it comes to arranging a hunt of any kind, only the highest standards and most qualified guides and game rich areas are acceptable. That is exactly what you can expect from Alaska High Peak Adventures. Our crew understands the guiding industry as well, or better, then anyone. That is why we're a go-to outfitter for Quality hunts for quality Game Animals.  We can offer what no others can.
You can be certain there will be every effort made to accomplish your goal and leave you completely satisfied with your experience from beginning to end.  If you require extra scouting time, packers, guides, equipment, etc.,  you can be sure we will work to customize your hunt to give you the opprotunity at quality animals.  Whether hunting on our 1 Millon Acre Private Tetlin area or Our Private Mexico Ranch rest assured your hunting the finest! 


  • Alaska Dall Sheep - AUGUST
  • Alaska Moose - SEPTEMBER
  • Coastal Brown Bear - MAY
  • Assisting Clients For:
  • Pronghorn - OCT 
  • Desert Bighorn - NOV thru FEB
  • Mexico Mule Deer - DEC/JAN

Over 95% success on ALL hunts since 1993